Friday, November 16, 2012

Toronto Trip June 2012 Day 8 Tuesday June 12

This is the eighth of a series of posts dealing with my second and most recent trip to Toronto. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  Due to how recent the trip was, there are no updates to note below.

Forgot to mention yesterday: Internet connection was really slow yesterday so arranged to use another terminal in the main building.  In the middle of the night I tried to log in to Facebook again but it was still slow. Later I heard some giggling girls and found out this morning that someone (probably one of them) had posted a rude word to Facebook.

I woke up early due to others getting up to leave early so after logging in to Facebook, discovering that one post, and deleting it, walked along St Catherine (grabbed breakfast at a 3rd McDonald’s on that street), and then returned mainly via rue Maisonelle and Ontario.

Off to do my final bit of exploring of Montreal!

[NOW: The above was written in the morning in Montreal; the rest I wrote in the evening in Toronto.]

I wandered around Montreal a little more, this time sticking close to thus depot, looking for relatively cheap pop for the trip back. One 24 hour place was closed.  Bought a 2 L bottle but didn't get the price I'd hoped for because it was a 2 for... deal

Noticed that Megabus wasn't on the departure time list yet and finally decided to wander the lines and found that there was already a line where it was to take off. Thus I still got an upper level window seat but not the front.  I didn't take as many photos as the way over for two reason: not being at the front some of the side shots look the same (trees, similar looking trees...); also was getting sleepy and dream thoughts were starting to run through my head plus saw the occasional image I soon realized was dream related and not real.  Should have some interesting photos when I look at them.

There was another stopover at Kingston where I bought a lunch deal. They somehow figured out to make a sandwich out of a single slice of bread.  Eventually made it back to Toronto and thus the end of the second of the two longest trips, flights included.

I saw a sign pointed to the Metro but it turned out to be quite the hike.  I got a big huge daypass at Dundas Station, with date scratched off and the date also written in large felt. I took the usual two lines back to Aidan's place, and then the same to lines to Union, where I walked to the CBC Museum, passing a reporter giving a report from her booth en route; likely someone famous but I don't know CBC News.. Not very big but I knew that from last year. A sign mentioned a second section so I checked that out as well after first checking out a book sale in the lobby; it was there last year too so apparently it's a regular thing.  I also visited the gift shop. There was a Mr Dressup set; no extras/interviews so I decided to pass

Took a really crammed in streetcar west on King St; got off too soon because I couldn't even hear the stop name.  Walked the rest of the way to Hero Burger on E Liberty; very good burgers there. We walked to Exhibition. Aidan was seeing the soccer game there so we parted company and I took a streetcar back to just before Bloor.  I visited Sonic Boom Records, and then Honest Ed.  Took photos from the 2nd floor path between buildings, then bought some shoes there (the ones I was wearing were clearly not going to survive the trip and if by some miracle they did, there might be some issues at the airport.

Off for a nap before meet some friends at Stella's Pun at 11.

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