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Toronto Trip June 2012 Day 2 Wednesday June 5

This is the second of a series of posts dealing with my second and most recent trip to Toronto. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  Due to how recent the trip was, there are no updates to note below.

Was a bit overtired last night but did get 7 hours sleep after that hump and body definitely now on EDT.  Even so just exploring Toronto today. Get my body more time to adjust before a daytrip.  Back later!

[NOW: The above was written in the morning; the rest I wrote in the evening.]

Let's see how my plans for a relatively relaxed day turned out...

After meeting Aidan's sister and her daughter, I walked to the McDonald's across from the Roayl Ontario Museum, where I had breakfast and switched to short sleeved pants because it was nice and hot out.  I then walked along Bloor some more; around where Bloor becomes Danforth, repairs were being done on Castle Frank Station and nearby an ambulance was dealing with a matter in the middle of the road.  Frank Castle is the comic book/movie vigilante The Punisher, so maybe damaged stations and other injuries are what you get when you name a subway station after him.

On Danforth it was still before 9:30 when I reached a Book City that opened then; rather than waiting I decided to take the Bloor-Danforth line from Chester Station to Kennedy Station. I got confused there trying to find the Scarborough line and accidentally backtracked back to Warden Station. Getting back to Kennedy Station (on the return I got to sit at the front at least) I finally found the found the Scarborough line and took it to Scarborough Town Centre Station. Only a few metres away is its mall namesake; the HMV there was moving so I got some books there 20% off. I took the train back to Midlands Station, still Scarborough, and got some DVDs at Kennedy Commons nearby.  I returned to Midlands Station and took the train back to Kennedy, where I took the Bloor-Danforth line back to Chester.

I returned to Book City, careful not to take photos of the homeless(?) guy that a policewoman was helping. I walked to Re-Reading, then Circus, where I got a DVD, then took the Bloor-Danforth line east again from Donlands to Main St, where I transferred to a 64 bus to Queen St in the Islands area.  I visited Planet X Comics and another Book City, the grabbed lunch at a pizza place and walked to Kew Beach.  Not as many people on the beach as I'd have guessed.

Returned to Queen, I took photos of the construction and went to Film Buff (not yet open), Groove Records (no DVDs), Discovery Records (not open Wed), Ric's Collectibles (now a jewellery pawn shop called Dean's), 6 Shooter (gone). I walked to Gerrard St, where my favourite video store from last year, Jumbo Video was gone.  While waiting for a streetcar nearby, I grabbed a pop from the McDonald's and then took the 506 streetcar to College and Yonge, where I visited the Toronto Police Museum. I took another 506 streetcar a short ways, overshooting my stop slightly, and visited Around Again and Little Video Shop on Baldwin St.  There I bought the complete series of Soap for $15.  The cashier realized she was undercharging me so I waited to ask for a bit more but she never did. I did try to offer her an extra $5 but she had disappeared by the time I got the money out.  I tried.

I returned to College St. For the rest of my College St travels this day unless noted, I never saw a streetcar going my way, just the other way.  I visited She Said Boom and then walked to Denision Square.  I wanted to get a good shot of the statue of Al Waxman, but there was a sketchy looking person near the statue. I decided soon to chance it anyway, but a couple of teens  sat down on the bench in front of the statue. I went to the Augusta Ave branch of Sonic Boom Records and then crossed the street back to Denison, but the teens were still at the bench. Will try to return another day before I leave.

I returned to College St and visited Balfour Books, Soundstations (can't recall if there was DVDs there), Ammo Video (gone), Film Fiends (replaced by a book store I can't recall the name of), Queen Video, Marquee Video (gone). I went to a convenience beside the former location and, this being my final stop on College, finally saw a streetcar going the way I wanted it to.  I was going to take it west and transfer a ways down but decided in light of this to walk to Queen St and take a streetcar west from there.

Bought a DVD at 724 Video. I visited River Trading (mainly books) and then took a streetcar east to Ayerego (closed for the day). I continued east to Type Books, 2Q Video, Rotate This (vinyl only), Eyesore Video above it (bought DVDs), Frantic Records (I think it changed its name), Cosmos West Records (vinyl), Neurotica (can't recall what happened there), Cosmos Records (Vinyl), Slinky Music (another name now, the other kind of music shop; instruments et al), Queen Video.

I had dinner at McDonald's (this one as being renovated last year) and having already put on a coat due to ran, hoped to change back to long sleeve  pants, bt there was sound effects coming from the toilet so I decided not to wait. I vistied Silver Snail Comics, HMV, Penguin Records (no DVDs; in a basement in a larger store area), BMV Express (bought some comics), Kop's Collectibles (vinyl; it's beside the Condom Shack).  I tried heading north to King St but then realized it was south but at least got some nice photos of the CN Tower with storm clouds). I rode  the subway (Yonge-University-Spadina line) from Osgoode Station to King St Station (should have gotten off at St Andrew) and then walked west along King St to Canada's Walk of Fame; a little tricky to take photos (I don't think everyone even realizes it's there). Some of the Walk was darker; likely new because there are some blank squares. I went south to Mercer St so I could photograph the exterior of Second City, where many famous comedians like John Candy got their break.  I returned to King and took a streetcar there back to King Station, taking photos of the Walk of Fame along the way.  I took the Yonge et al subway to Dundas Square, where it was pouring.

I crossed the street to Eaton Centre in search of a bathroom, finally finding one on the Queen St side. The person in the other stall seemed a bit crazy so while I changed into pants I didn't freshen up as much as I'd have liked.  Walking north on Yonge, I returned to Dundas Square, took more photos and then visited the Edward St branch of BMV (bought a book), and then visited the so-called World's Biggest Bookstore, the only Chapters/Indigo branch I plan to visit.

I walked north on Yonge some more, passing: Rock Zone (gone; block demolished), Sunrise Records, Play De Record (closed for the day), Hairy Tarantula, NDJ Books (I think I bought a DVD), One Million Comix.  Around this point I passed Not Just Condoms, resisting the urge to exclaim, "But wait, there's more!"

Then: Refried Beats (vinyl if memory serves), Eliot's Bookstore, ABC Book Store (actually maybe it's here I got the DVD; I was pretty tred by this point), Sunrise Records.  I headed west along Bloor, detouring to Bay Street, where I got some DVDs at Bay Street Video.  I headed west some more, trying to find some inexpensive vanilla Coke at too many stores to mention before/after a subway trip (see below). I visted BMV Books on Bloor, took some night shots of Honest Ed's (flashing lights; looks neat at night) and took the Bloor-Danforth line from Bathurst to Ossington Station. I finally located some cheap pop, though not vanilla Coke.  Didn't see the cat in the window today.

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