Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 More Marvel Comic Book Characters Killed in the 1980s or Earlier Who Have Never Been Revived

Just Marvel this time (as before, characters may have reappeared in flashbacks and the like):

  1. Big Man (Frederick Foswell) First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #10 March 1964. Died: Amazing Spider-Man#52 September 1967 (gunned down by Kingpin’s goons while protecting J. Jonah Jameson)
  2. Big Man (Janice Foswell) First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up#39 November 1975. Died: Marvel Team-Up#40 December 1975 (killed by the Crime-Master, her own boyfriend who learned her identity too late)
  3. Cat-Man (Townshend Horgan) First Appearance: Daredevil #10 October 1965. Died:  Iron Man#116 November 1978 (killed along with Ape-Man, Bird-Man, and Frog-Man by a bomb Spymaster meant for Iron Man)
  4. Cat-Man (Sebastian Patane) First Appearance: Daredevil#157 March 1979. Died: Daredevil#158 May 1979 (given a lethal touch along with new Ape-Man by Death-Stalker)
  5. Colonel Joseph Fryer. First Appearance and Death: Punisher#3 (killed in gasoline fire by Punisher)
  6. Hyperion (“Zhib-Ran”) First Appearance: Avenges#69 October 1969. Died: Squadron Supreme#8 April 1986 (artificial lifeform, beaten to “death” by the real Hyperion (“Mark Milton”)).
  7. Ned Leeds (Hobgoblin) First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man#18 November 1964. Found dead in Spider-Man vs. Wolverine#1 February 1987; death depicted in Amazing Spider-Man#289 June 1987 (believed at the time to be the real Hobgoblin, killed by the Foreigner’s men on Jack O’Lantern’s request. Note: The Hobgoblin later returned but Leeds remains dead)
  8. Red Skull (Arthur Malik) First Appearance: Captain America Comics#61 March 1947 (arguably not intended at the time to be a new character). Died: November 1988 (shot out of a helicopter by a later Scourge of the Underworld)
  9. Scourge of the Underworld (posed as the non-existent Coot Collier Jr.) First Appearance:  Iron Man#194May 1985. Died: Captain America#320 August 1986 (killed by another Scourge upon his capture by Captain America
  10. Steeplejack (Maxwell Plumm) First Appearance: Ms. Marvel#14 February 1978. Died: Captain America#319 July 1986 (killed by the original Scourge of the Underworld in the Bar with No Name massacre)
  11. Tarantula (Anton Miguel Rodriguez) First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man#134 July 1974. Died: Amazing Spider-Man#236 January 1983 (suicide by jumping and getting police to shoot him due to mutated tarantula form)
  12. Tom Thumb (Thomas Thompson) First Appearance: Avengers#85 February 1971. Died:  Squadron Supreme#10 June 1986 (cancer)

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