Thursday, November 29, 2012

10 Free Places to Visit in Toronto

All the below can be done for free, though some may require a hike if you don’t have bus/train fare:

  1. High Park: Huge park, complete with petting zoo
  2. CBC Museum.:  Not the largest museum, but there’s a few neat things there, especially if you grew up with shows like the Friendly Giant
  3. Bellevue/Denison Square: Has a statue of the great actor Al Waxman
  4. Christie Pits Park: Not a lot of trees, but a nice open field to relax at
  5. Dundas Square: Lots of neon, frequently changing exhibits (sometimes in the same day), some live performances, sometimes you see the water jets
  6. Area outside Old and New City Hall: there’s a fountain that  people can skate on in the inter; another place for musical shows
  7. Canadian Walk of Fame: On King St is a strip of squares with names of Canadian celebrities, often with their autographs
  8. Eaton Centre: Probably the largest mall in Toronto proper with nice décor. Obviously it costs money to buy stuff but not to walk around
  9. PATH: Underground shopping area. Handy during bad weather.
  10. The Beaches neighbourhood: Aside from shopping this is, yes, where you’ll find most of the city’s beaches

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