Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 Things I Miss About 1990s Greater Victoria

  1. Island Fantasy Comics (okay, the service sucked, but it’s still the largest comic shop Victoria has ever had)
  2. Dragonstrike Comics (two locations: University heights and Downtown; a decent alternative to Island Fantasy)
  3. Kmart (particularly the University Heights one, though the Canwest one – it closed before Canwest became Westshore – was also decent; good prices)
  4. Town & Country Shopping Centre (nice strip of shops, though I do like Uptown as well)
  5. Bonanza Restaurant (despite the clueless staff I liked the food)
  6. 24 Video, which became Video Update, which became Movie Gallery (a video chain with a nice welcoming atmosphere)
  7. That’s Entertainment, which became Hollywood Tonight (rivalled Pic a Flic in terms of stocking cult movies)
  8. The rabbits at University of Victoria (which a nuisance to some, they were a very cute nuisance)
  9. The old downtown Bay (the downstairs was the most fun area to shop)
  10. The bowling alley in Saanich (nice 10-pin alley)

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