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Seattle Trip Day 2006 Day 2 Saturday July 29

This is the 2nd of a series of posts recalling my first annual trip to Seattle. Unlike later Seattle reports, the hostel I was staying at charged for Internet use so I wrote the reports from notes I’d written after returning home.  I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of five years later or to add further clarification; I “NOW” to denote such cases.  See Day 1 for updates on Tower Records and Elliott Bay Book Company.

I got up early for a jog.  The police still has an area taped up but it was much smaller.  Also took a peak at the stadium that replaced the Kingdome.  Bought some more film.  Temporarily thought I'd lost my credit card but recovered it at the hostel. Visited Barnes & Noble for the first of a number of times, though I never actually ended up buying anything there (nor Elliott Bay Book Company, sadly).

[NOW: The stadium I was referring to is Qwest Field. Some of the tape might have actually been for the Torchlight Parade but I’m not sure. I’ve since switched from film to digital camera. The Barnes & Noble described above is the one at Pacific Place, but I think I did end up getting stuff there; see day 4.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: Qwest Field is now called CenturyLink Field, though the locals call it the CLink.]
Met up with an online acquaitance and we visited the troll and Lenin statues before heading to Kerry Park for a nice view of the city.

[NOW: By troll I mean the Fremont Troll, a statue made in part from an old Volkswagen. It’s under Aurora Bridge on Troll Ave N.  The Lenin statue is also in the Fremont district, while Kerry Park is in Queen Anne]

We went ate lunch in the International Distict at a Chinese food place that was a bit spicy but had a nice d├ęcor.  Drank a lemon soda (they were out of chocolate).  At a racial-focussed museum I there was a replica of an intern camp.  You weren't allowed to take flash pics there but couldn't figure out how to turn the flash off.  On the plus side, because I couldn't figure this out, got two nice pics before giving up, including a replica of a camp room.

[The museum is the Wing Luke Museum. I went there the next year but having switched locations had eliminated the intern camp display.]

We then went to Alki Beach.  Didn't get to see the mini-Statue of Liberty, sadly, but the walk was nice and there was a sort of art show at the beach.

[NOW: Alki Beach is in West Seattle.  I believe the Statue of Liberty was gone that year. That version got too damaged so I new one got made and placed in a more protected display. I also saw the Alki Bathhouse and the Alki Art Fair. I don’t recall seeing the Birthplace of Seattle marker that year but may have.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: The Bathhouse is just a small building, not currently used for bathing if it ever was.]

My friend dropped me off and then I explored the Pike Market area as a whole.  Went back to Tower Records and got some more films.  A parade was being prepared so I got a lot of pics of the preparation, and later of the parade itself.  Battery started to die midway into the parade, as it was a lamplight parade, thus dark.  Watched most of the parade anyway, but stopped a little before the end because it was getting late and wanted to check my e-mail and unwind before turning in.  There was actually a Vernon BC class in the parade, though.

[NOW: The “lamplight” parade is actually the annual Torchlight Parade held the last Saturday of July. I don’t recall seeing any lamps but it’s certainly possible.]
[UPDATE February 2, 2015: Forgot to note earlier that Tower Records closed and was replaced by Silver Platters. However, Silver Platters has since moved, leaving the building empty.]

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