Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Marvel Characters Who’ve Been Decapitated

Ten characters who died a quick but gruesome death (or near death). Happily most seem to have otten through the experience okay in the end:

  1. Baron Blood (John Falsworth). First Appeared in Invaders#7 July 1976. Decapitated by Captain America#254 February 1981 RESURRECTED
  2. Draconis. First Appeared in Blade#7 May 2007. Decapitated by Blade in Blade#8 June 2007. RESURRECTED
  3. Cameron Hodge. First Appeared in X-Factor#1 February 1986. Decapitated by Archangel in X-Factor#34 November 1988. SURVIVED
  4. Gabe Jones. First Appeared in Sgt. Fury#1 May 1963. Decapitated by Gorgon in Secret Warriors#19 August 2010
  5. Daniel Kingsley ("Hobgoblin") First Appeared as Roderick Kingsley In Amazing Spider-Man#249 February 1984 and as Daniel in Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives!#1 January 1997. Decapitated by Phil Urich (believing him to be his brother Roderick, whom he often posed as) in Amazing Spider-Man #649 January 2011
  6. Morgan le Fay. Marvelversion first appeared in Black Knight#1 May 1955 (historical) or Spider-Woman#2 May 1978. Decapitated by Sentry in Dark Avengers#2  March 2009. SURVIVED
  7. Loki. First Appeared in Venus#6 August 1949 (Historical) or Journey into Mystery#85 October 1962 (current form). Decapitated by Balder in Thor#344 June 1984 SURVIVED. Decapitated again by Thor in Thor#84 November 2004. RESURRECTED
  8. Sabretooth (Victor Creed) First Appeared in Iron Fist#14 1977. Decapitated by Wolverine in Wolverine#55 September 2007. RESURRECTED
  9. Sabretooth (Victor Creed; Ultimate) First Appeared in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up#1 April 2001. Decapitated by Wolverine (Ultimate) in Ultimate X-Men#30 May 2003. SURVIVED
  10. Super Sabre (Martin Fletcher) First Appeared in Uncanny X-Men#215 March 1987. Decapitated by Aminedi in New Mutants Annual#7 1991. RESURRECTED

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