Monday, November 12, 2012

Seagull at Oak Bay Marina and Other Stories

Oak Bay Marina is a fun place to vsit. Lots of seals there because you can buy fish pieces for them. One will splash you impatiently if you don't feed her soon enough (one she splashed at me because I had a bag of potato chips that she mistook for a fish bag). Another likes to wait for the fish upside down.  For a short while there were river otters there; on one occasion when my dad was visiting they had a territory fiht, another time one got on deck and only then started urinating.

But the biggest competition for the fish is not the river otters (who seem to have departed) but the seagulls.  Often they'll be watching from the dock or more often the roof for the right opportunity and if someone tosses a fish out too far to try to get the seal to swim for it or to try to ensure that a seal at the back of a group has a chance, a seagull will swoop down and get it first.

Once I was watching the seals and there was a particularly large crowd.  I suddenly felt this sharp pain in my foot. I looked back and a seagull made eye contact with me, glaring at me.  Apparently I was in the way of his current efforts to score some fish from the seals and he was angry at me for this reason.

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