Friday, November 23, 2012

10 Memorable Aspects of Legends of the Superheroes

These were two specials involving DC heroes that aired in 1979. As with the Star Wars Holiday Special, this list is not meant to be complete.

  1. Sivana pretending to be a real doctor who helps out Captain Marvel in the middle of nowhere
  2. Mickey Morton, previously scene as a female Wookie in the Star Wars Holiday Special, playing the definitive dense Solomon Grundy
  3. The villains’ plans to destroy the Earth in the first special without any consideration to how that would leave them afterwards
  4. Retired Man
  5. Ghetto Man in the second part
  6. Batman and Robin doing a comedy routine in the second part due to Robin’s reluctance to tell Batman something
  7. Hawkman’s Jewish mother in the second part
  8. The entire second part being a roast, including villains who attempted genocide in the first part being casually allowed into the heroes’ headquarters
  9. Mordru singing That’s Entertainment in the second part
  10. Second part host Ed McMahan flying off

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