Thursday, March 1, 2012

Video Rental Places in Greater Victoria That Are Still in Business

With all the video stores closing down, I thought it might be helpful for Victoria residents or possible visitors to Victoria to know what’s still out there.  As stores close down I’ll keep them listed for historical purposes but make a note so that you don’t go out of your way for nothing.  I don’t have sufficient information to list grocery stores that rent movies, but if I get enough information on the subject, I might add later.  For this blog entry’s purposes, Greater Victoria is defined as any place accessible by the Greater Victoria Regional Transit System.

Standard Video Stores
1.      Crazy Mike’s Video, 108-3749 Shelbourne St, Saanich (Shelbourne Plaza) [reported closed Aug 2014]
2.   Gorge Video Station, 100-300 Gorge Rd W, Saanich (across from Gorge Centre) [last verified March 2013]
3.      Great Canadian Video Network, 1237 Esquimalt Rd, Esquimalt (west end) [closed down circa July 2012]
4.      Hollywood Video, 107-6661 Sooke Rd, Sooke (mall with Village Food Markets) [I've since learned that this closed Feb. 29 2012]
5.      Island Video, 3388 Douglas St. (across from Uptown Shopping Centre) [according to their website, last checked Aug 2014, they currently only rent out Indian movies]
6.      Oak Bay Video, 115-2187 Oak Bay Ave, Oak Bay (Athlone Court) [closed circa Nov 2014]
7.      Oswego Video, 300 Beckley Ave. Victoria (southeast of James Bay Square) [last verified Dec 25 2013]
8.      Pic a Flic Video, 328 Cook St, Victoria (Cook St Village) [last verified Aug 2014 - blog post on website]
9.      Prime Time Video, 3-230 Menzies St, Victoria (James Bay Square) [closed down circa July 2012]
10.   Rogers, 3-2631 Quadra St, Victoria (Quadra Village) [Rogers is no longer in the video rental business as of May 2012; even as a wireless store, this location shut down completely circa March 2013]
11.  Sooke Video to Go, 1140-6660 Sooke Rd, Sooke (Evergreen Plaza) [closed circa Nov 2014]
12.  2 Thumbs Up Video, 778 Goldstream Ave, Victoria (Goldstream Village) [last verified Nov/Dec 2014]
13.  Video Express 301-9810 Seventh St, Sidney (Mariner Village Mall) [reported closed June 15, 2013]
14.  Yo Video, 107-2000 Cadboro Bay Rd, Oak Bay (Oak Bay Gate) [reported closed at end of July 2014, confirmed Aug 2014]

Video/Music Stores
1.      Audio Video Replay, 620 Johnson St, Victoria (downtown) [last verified Jan 2015]
2.      Lyle’s Place, 770 Yates St, Victoria (downtown) [last verified cDec 2014]

Adult Video Stores (usually sell other items)
1.      Love Den Romantic Accessories, 121-735 Goldstream Ave, Langford (Goldstream Village) [never visited but had website up Feb 2015]
2.      Red Hot Video, 1819 Douglas St, Victoria (north of downtown; unverified but appears open from outside) [closed some time prior to September 2012].

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