Saturday, May 26, 2012

Swimming Pool Marathon

This month the various recreation centres including swimming pools have a $25 pass that allows unlimited access during this month (except of course for when things aren’t available; e.g. as an adult I can’t be in the Crystal Pool during the teen swim period).

There were a number of places I wanted to check out but I never seemed to get around to some of them. So last Tuesday I bought a daypass. Then I went to the swimming pool at Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre in Colwood for half an hour. Then I had lunch at the McDonald’s across from Uptown Shopping Centre and from there when to Panaroma Recreation Centre in North Saanich for about 45 minutes. I jogged to McTavish Park & Ride and took a bus to the Saanich Commonwealth Pool, where I spent 2 ½ hours (it has the nicest facilities, including a wave pool, a decent water slide, and a lot of different diving boards).

I was feeling pretty tired after that but I decided to continue on anyway. My next stop was Gordon Head Recreation Centre, and I saw a deer on the north end of Shelbourne along the way (there’s some greenery between lanes of traffic and the deer was in that greenery. I only stayed at Gordon Head about half an hour. Then I went home and had dinner, then went to Oak Bay Recreation Centre. Normally I’d spend quite a bit of time there but I was meeting  friend so only had half an hour.

Finally made it home, tired but feeling pleased at the workout, particurarrly the Commonwealth Pool workout.

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