Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crow Fought the Crab and the Crab Won

Yesterday I was at the Victoria harbour waterfront with a friend and we were talking about how the Dr. Spock approach to discipline doesn’t work and sometimes sterner methods are more needed.

Unexpectedly we got an object lesson that supported how position: we heard a crow freaking out. We walked over to above the dock and saw the crow finally fly off. A woman below pointed out a baby crab. It seems that the crab wanted to eat the crab but the crab didn’t want to be eaten and grabbed the crow with its right pincer.  Finally the crow managed to get the crab off it at the dock.

The crow survived and it’s possible that the crab also survived. But crows are highly intelligent birds and now the crow has heard that it cannot go around and try to eat live crabs with there being some kind of consequence.

Today we saw a crow hesitantly walk towards another crab that a seagull had caught and partly eaten. While it did eat a bit of the crab, it seemed a bit uncertain, so it’s possible that either it was the same crow or another that had learned about what happened.

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