Friday, May 4, 2012

300 Posts in 300 Days

Well, kind of. I actually missed that day so it's 302 posts in 302 days instead.  In the last 100 I tried writing a fiction story but it didn't get any comments.  Maybe I'll try a different style story later on.

Not sure if I'll keep doing this daily once I hit the one year mark, but I'm committed to that much anyway and will definitely post more frequently than I did before I set this challenge up for myself. It might be fun to keep this going until December 31 because at an average of a post a day this would be one of the few years that I could do 366 posts.  I welcome suggestions in terms of what people would like to see more or less of in this blog.  I also welcome being reminded of any anecdote I may have forgotten over the years.  It's definitely been an interesting challenge.  Writer's block has definitely become more common during the third 100 than during the first two.  Happily I still have trip reports which include long forgotten details that I can adapt.  Unfortunately my letter writing to friends has slowed a bit because I often feel like I've written a letter after doing one of these; it may have alo affected some of my other fiction writing.  Recently though I've realized that these can be a tool for my letters, letting people I write to know there's a link if they want more details.

I do recommend people try this. It's an interesting exercise and I do recommend people try this or something like it.

So what are people's favourite and least favourite posts to date? If I notice a trend in people's interests I might gear the next few posts accordingly.  I'm particulary curious to find out what people thought of my post where I rolled the dice 100times. It was fun enough that I could see myself trying it again, but it it something that people would find interesting to revisit or is it a paint drying topic?  What about other posts?

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