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Pacific Northwest Trip July 2009 Day 3 Thursday July 23

This is the third of a series of posts dealing my fifth trip to Seattle and second of two trips that year. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of three years later or to add further clarification.  I’ve decided to delete references to an outdated contest which probably wouldn’t be of too much interest to people who don’t know me.

Very sleepy right now so pardon typos.  At computer terminal at least.

[NOW: Typos corrected for the blog.]

Last night people were talking until past 11.  Then this morning people got up and started using the bathtub or shower (probably the former) around 4:30.  I had a couple options of when I started the day; since I was unlikely to fall asleep again despite a little over four hours' sleep due to noise, I decided to do the earlier option. 

I took a bus downtown to transfer to a bus to Tacoma, but due to construction rerouting had to dash quite a few blocks to a later stop; made it, so getting up early wasn't a lost cause.

[NOW:  The bus downtown was Metro Transit. The bus to Tacoma would have been one of the 590s/Sound Transit.] 

The stop at Tacoma was brief and I grabbed a few schedules at Tacoma Dome Station. Then I took another bus to my real destination: Olympia

[NOW:  That bus would be 603 Intercity Transit. This was my second time in Olympia and my first real time exploring.]

First stop was the legislature building.  It's kind of like tourists visting Victoria: if you're touring the city, you're going to snap pics of the legislature building because that's what tourists do.  No point in trying to fight it.

I visited a very smelly Heritage Park Lake, then the much nicer Heritage Park Fountain (water jets).   this was all downtown, which is a radical left winger's dream and right winger's nightmare.  Very liberal stores, only franchise was Subway and even that was remote.

Because I arrived early I noted opening times, so I'll only list the places when I actually went in if applicable.  I visited Five Corners (gone), a bakery for breakfast, Star Wars mural, Fireside Books (didn’t buy anything), De Colores Boks (ditto), Rainy Day Records (bought a lot of DVDs, mainly left wing documentaries. Orca books (had a cat), Browsers Books (had a dog, breaking with tradition) (didn’t buy anything latter either).

 took the 48 westbound bus and got DVDs at Hollywood Video, then went to Borders (Westfield shopping centre promenade; didn’t buy anything), Best Buy (attached to mall proper; bought exclusive Watchmen DVD with Rorschach mask), went in the mall but saw a no pics sign, walked a few blocks to Backlot Video (apparently gone), Barnes & Noble (didn’t buy anything), School Daze (didn’t go in; just children's), Olympia branch of Lassley's Paperbaks (no buy), almost Blockbuster (proved too far to walk), then back to mall to get bus downtown.

[NOW: 48 bus is Intercity Transit. Hollywood Video and Borders are now defunct.  Blockbuster turned out to be a lot closer than I thought, just hidden with the back of the store to the street] 

I too the 13 bus to Tumwater (just south of Olympia); I just missed my arrival stop and next one was right in front of McDonald's so had lunched there.  I walked a few blocks to a Blockbuster mainly to take pics of Tumwater and got a couple DVDs, then backtracked and visited Tumwater Video (didn’t buy anything).  I just missed a bus; went for a short walk and took another 13 back downtown Olympia.  Visited Last Word Books, Phantom City Records (didn’t buy anything either place), Danger Room Comics (bought a few comics; the Danger Room is the X-Men's training room), and a washroom at Olympia Transit Center (actually woman's;  it was one at a time so it didn't matter and I was desperate).

[NOW: 13 bus is also Intercity Transit; Tumwater Video and Tumwater’s Blockbuster are now gone.] 

I took a 66 bus east to another town (Lacey) (along the way there was a cemetery near Phoenix Road, which I thought was optimistic) where I visited Olympic Cards and Comics (bought a couple more comics), Lacey branch of Lassley's, Hollywood Video (didn’t buy anything  and hard to find; being sleepy started to get disoriented), CD Connection (renamed Boomerang  (didn’t buy anything, hard to focus by then due to sleep deprivation).  Another bus back downtown Olympia, then another bus to Lakewood.

[NOW: The  66 bus, which I took both ways is also Intercity Transit, as is the 603 I took to Lakewood. Hollywood Video, again is defunct.]

It was supposed to be a short stop but there was a convoy on the hey so I missed my connection and did a quick visit of Lakewood, buying a drink nearby).  I took a bus to Seattle via Tacoma.  After Tacoma I started to half-dream.  In this half-awake state I still took pics so I'm curious to see what I actually took in my sleepy state.

[NOW: I took one of the 590s/ Sound Transit back to Seattle.] 

I walked to the McDonald's near Seattle Center (the one with the sports motif), then to the now open International Fountain, which a dog was playing in.

I just missed a bus back towards the hostel; there was a sign at the bus stop saying must stop for people or something like that.  A drunk was at the stop but he wandered off.  Finally made it back.  Turning in early hopefully to be refreshed for my mystery day tomorrow.

[NOW: I took one or two Metro Transit busses back to Ballard and walked the rest of the way to the hostel.]

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