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Pacific Northwest Trip May 2009 Day 4 Wednesday May 13

This is the fourth of a series of posts dealing my fourth trip to Seattle and first of two trips that year. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of five years later or to add further clarification; I use “NOW” to denote such cases.

Years ago I bought some socks not realizing they have no legging, so while sleeping have been using one them to store stuff I can't put in my locker while I sleep (keycard, watch, locker key).  Well it slipped beneath the crease while I was sleeping.  Luckily most of it didn't fall too far, but my keycard fell to the lower bunk.  Luckily the couple below me was getting up at about the same time as me.

I checked the BC Election results.  Groan.

[NOW: I early voted in that election. I voted against the Premier at the time, Gordon Campbell, but he won and almost immediately created controversy putting something into action that he claimed wasn’t being considered.]

I don't think it's going to really be sunny this trip so will stick to my itinerary and go to the zoo today, as I think this morning will likely be as nice as it gets for the next few days at least.  At least it shouldn't be too crowded there today.
[NOW: The above was written in the morning; the rest I wrote in the evening.]
Well, fatigue and a bit of sleepiness from unfamiliar environment setting in, but I'm pressing on, albeit what was for me a slower day, though probably a busy day for others.

The theme for today was definitely Fremont and Wallingford districts. I was going to tackle all of Fremont after the zoo, but it occurred to me I could save a bit of time checking out the statues first (most I'd pass by anyway, but two were out of the way.

I first visited the Fremont Troll, located under Aurora Ave's bridge in an avenue
under an avenue called Troll Ave. Then I visited the Center of the Universe (a sign post points down to the exact spot), the Fremont Rocket, plant dinosaurs, then the Waiting for the Interurban statue (which was decorated for someone's birthday), then the new JP Patches & Gertrude: Late for the Interurban statue. Based on the old Seattle-based children's show JP Patches, it was unveiled in Aug/08 with the actors who played the characters present; it was smaller than expected but given it was for a children's show, that kind of makes sense.

I visited the statue of VI Lenin before walking to Woodland Park Zoo. I bought a CityPass that will same me money at other places as well. I meant to spend three hours max there but actually spent about 3h45. Despite the time of year, still lots of kids. Heading back south to Fremont's main shopping area, I visited Video Isle, Wit's End Books (gone), then at the actual shopping area visited Ophelia's Books (they had a cat but I didn't pet it because it was sleeping), Fremont Book Exchange, Rain City Video . I ate at Royal Grinders, behind the Lenin statue, then walk a ways and visited a comic shop who's name escapes me, Seattle Book Center, and B Brown Books.

[NOW: Fremont Book Exchange and that branch of Rain City Video are now gone.  The comic shop was Secret Fortress. Its website has indicated for years that it was moving but hasn’t indicated the new location.]

Heading to Wallingford I visited Comics Dungeons (didn't but anything buy I'd been meaning to visit for two years), a Hollywood Video a block away, World Wide Books & Maps, and south to the Wallingford Steps and Gas Works Park (the industrial plant turned family park). I didn't linger there long because it was raining pretty hard.

[NOW: Hollywood Video is now defunct.]

I returned to Fremont, then took a bus to near Seattle Center. I did the Ride the Ducks tour (amphibious vehicles). Perhaps because of the rain I got to be the only passenger (I could have taken a later trip but I'd already been waiting and it was fun to be the only passenger on a tour. It went downtown, then the Pioneer District, then north to... Fremont before entering Lake Union in the Wallingford District.

[NOW: The Ducks also pass Gas Works Park in the water.]

Returning to Seattle Center I ate at McDonald's actually for the first time this trip (they have footballs, baseballs etc at the branch by Seattle Center), then visited Silver Platters.

I went to Queen Anne District and visited the area's branches of Twice Sold Tales (petted two of the chain's trademark disinterested cats), Easy St Records, and Blockbuster.

[NOW: That branch of Twice Sold Tales is now Mercer St Books and has no cat.]

Heading back downtown I visited a pet supplies store in the hopes there would be a cat wandering around inside (no) and Swerve, where I bought my only DVD of the day, a documentary on Hollywood Blvd superhero actors called Confessions of a Superhero, then First & Pike News, then my daily visit with Rachel the Pig piggy bank, then Walgreen's.

[NOW: Swerve recently closed down. I can’t recall the name of the pet supplies shop.]

Even though I'm usually still pretty active at 8:30 while in Seattle I decided to call it a night this time. I might go get something to drink because Seattle's a bit humid, but beyond that I'll just get rested for tomorrow's adventure.

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