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Pacific Northwest Trip May 2009 Day 12 Thursday May 21

This is the twelfth of a series of posts dealing my fourth trip to Seattle and first of two trips that year. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of three years later or to add further clarification.

Yawn, what a night.

No, I didn't party.  I was up later than planned because of half the computers being down and me wanting to send that addenda.

[NOW: See final part of previous blog entry.]

Then at 2:30 the main light turned on the room because they had double booked the room and were investigating.  The hostel rep said he would be right back and left the light on.  He never returned and someone finally turned the light off.

When I woke up this morning my glasses were missing (I think they fell down) so I finally enlisted probably the same guy to investigate.  He then told me that because of the room mix-up I had to gather all my stuff and move to another room.  I did so but when I got downstairs pointed out that this being the second last night and I had accumulated a lot of stuff, this was bad timing.  He said, "Well, it happens", which is probably true but an apology would have been nice; none offered.

At least my new room is on the lower floor so It should save me some time catching the bus, but I think my clean and dirty clothes got a bit mixed.  Hopefully I won't smell too bad at Customs.

This being my last full day at Seattle and there being a sale at Half Price Books, I'll use that fact to do a quick visit to the University and Capitol Hill Districts (both have a branch) before tackling the International District.  I won't bother with other branches, just the two in areas I want to look a one last time this trip, so it's more an excuse than anything else.  I'll probably do relaxing stuff the rest of the day and just savour the atmosphere.

[NOW: The above was written in the morning; the rest I wrote in the evening.]

First off, I'm catching a 5:30 ferry so don't be surprised if there's no morning edition tomorrow.  [Note to friend about attachments deleted.]

I took a bus to the University of Washington where I visited Drumheller Fountain. Fountain not on but a duck seemed to keep saying, "Hey. Hey." (period not exclamation mark)

I visited the main shopping area of the University District where I bought a mag at Bulldog News, and books at University Bookstore. Twice Sold Tales wasn't open but I got a pic of a snoozing cat. After wandering around more taking photos I bought a book at Half Price Books. I took a bus to the mystery pop machine where I got cherry Pepsi again :(

[NOW: The University District branch of Twice Sold Tales is now closed. The pop machine is in Capitol Hill.]

I visited Gruv, another Half Price Books (bought a book, DVD set and bag), another Twice Sold Tales (got permission to photograph the kitties) and Everyday Music/Jimi Hendrix statue.  While snapping shots of the cats at the Capitol Hill branch of Twice Sold Tales, one of the cats got into my new half Price Books bag, looked around, and even wrapped a strap around its neck.  I walked back downtown and dropped off some stuff, then got an ORCA card (should have gotten it sooner; will make it easier to ride the bus by being able to pay in advance.

[NOW: Gruv is now closed. Half Price is in First Hill but very close to Capitol Hill; the cloth Half Price Books fell apart the next day. Everyday Music is still in Capitol Hill but has relocated a few blocks.]

I was able to switch cameras by showing that the camera had been previously used a number of times.

I visited the International District where I got for from a store in the Uwajimaya Food Court. I visited Hing Pay Park briefly, Pink Godzilla, and a number of places that were gone. However, one was outside the core area of the district so I got to see how large the International District really was. I then visited the downtown library with the bright yellow escalators and got a few city shots.

[NOW: Pink Godzilla is now Pink Gorilla, presumably to avoid legal issues with Toho, who owns Godzilla.]

I visited Elliott Bay Book Company, Lamplight Books at Pike Place Market, then rode a lot of the ways in the ride free area towards Seattle Center.

[NOW: Elliott Bay Book Company has since moved from the Pioneer Square District to Capitol Hill beside Everyday Music.]

Taking a close-up of a plane I fell and whacked my right hand in the same spot as before. I also (sigh) bumped my newest camera. No damage beyond the bump though.

I relaxed for a couple hours at the International Fountain, then walked back downtown, briefly stopping at Zanadu Comics before visiting FYE, where I picked up Godzilla: The Original Animated Series v1. I visited the Skywalk, a fancy name for a 7th story bridge between Macy's and the parking lot (I might have the order between these two reversed).

[NOW:  The above FYE was at Westlake Center; it is now closed.]

I grabbed a beer at Kress and then ate my last free dinner (spaghetti) this trip from the hostel before walking back to the International Fountain, then Silver Platters, then the fountain one final time, then a final visit with Rachel the Pig before heading back.

Pardon typos. Only 3 terminals and don't want to hog, plus I got more stuff to do before I turn in.

[NOW: I corrected the typos for the blog. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the last time I did a trip report from the Green Tortoise.]

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