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Pacific Northwest Trip July 2009 Day 4 Friday July 24

This is the fourth of a series of posts dealing my fifth trip to Seattle and second of two trips that year. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of three years later or to add further clarification.  I’ve decided to delete references to an outdated contest which probably wouldn’t be of too much interest to people who don’t know me.

I slept to 7 and felt a lot better in the morning. I took a bus downtown, then to Seatac Airport.  I was last in Seatac in 1996 flying to/from Disneyland so that was the token been there place.  I think the Borders I wanted to see was behind security but I got a drink at Alki Bakery.
[NOW: Both busses were Metro Transit; unsure numbers now.  I confirmed the bit about Borders but it’s now defunct anyway.]

I took a bus to Burien and visited CD Connection (gone), Cualta (Spanish themed), Platinum Comics (gone both addresses), Rodriguez Video (gone), Page 2 Books, Blockbuster, Pawn X-Change (bought 2 DVDs, my only Burien purchase), Burien Books, Burien Interim Art Park.

[NOW: Bus was 180?/Metro Transit].  Actually Platinum is still there; it just wasn’t open for the day yet. Pawn X-Change and Burien Books have both since changed locations but are still in Burien] 

Took a bus to Tukwila's Westfield Southcenter where I visited Borders, FYE (bought Godzilla DVDs), 2nd Time Around (gone; maybe I'll visit on the third time around), Half Price Books (bought DVD set), Barnes & Noble, Quiznos for lunch, Target, Tukwila Pond Park (the pond was behind the Target).

[NOW:  Bus was 140?/Metro Transit. Borders, again is defunct. ]

I took a bus (where the guy behind me was loudly chewing gum/blowing bubbles) to a section of Renton (108th & 176th) where there was a Pawn X-Change and a Hollywood Video (bought DVD latter).  Walked/took a bus (one stop people got on with a low change plus there was a stroller and wheelchair same stop) to Kent (104/240th) where I visited Hollywood Video, Bubble Books (gone), Value Village, Pawn X-Press (bought DVD but receipt flew off when bus arrived).

[NOW: Busses again were Metro Transit. Hollywood Video is now defunct.]

Same driver; took bus through the Renton area I was in earlier to another part of Kent, Great Wall Shopping Center, an Asian mall. G & Sons Comics gone, Hello Video gone or renamed).

[NOW: I some sign online that G & Sons may have somehow still been around, just now around all days, but the website has since disappeared. I’ll probably never know for sure what happened there] 

Took another bus to a transfer point.  Bus was late and I started to feel ill.  Embarrassingly on the second bus despite my best efforts got sick just outside downtown.  The best I could to was use a handkerchief to lessen some of the effects.

[NOW: Metro Transit again.  Was probably in the SoDo region of just south of that.] 

Finding myself walking earlier than planned, found an AM/PM where I bought a 1 gallon jug of cold water.  I walked some more until I felt comfortable taking the bus the rest of the way downtown.  It was going to Seattle Center but there was a bit of a gridlock so I got off when I started to feel ill.

[NOW: Can’t recall if that bus was Metro or Sound Transit.]

Luckily I made it to Seattle Center/International Fountain, taking pics of parade set-up along the way.  The fountain's fancy benches still replaced with plain ones.  Dog from yesterday there again.

Got sick there again so before getting on the busses back to the hostel, I got a Pepto-Bismol equivalent from a nearby Bartell Drugs and then tried to get some mild food from the Metropolitan store underneath.  Still haven't managed dinner, just water, but I now have bananas and low salt Ritz when ready.     

I took a couple busses back to the hostel, stopping of at 7-11 for a drink.  Started to drizzle along the way.  Vegged out upstairs and got sick once more before dragging myself to the computer terminaL

[NOW: Metro Transit again; probably 15 or 18 then 44.] 

Hopefully it's just a sun/food thing and I'll be better tomorrow.  Relaxed day already planned for tomorrow luckily.

[NOW: I now think it was heat coupled with drinking warm Gatorade while waiting for the late bus.]

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