Monday, May 21, 2012

Haircut and Gender Irony

I went to the barber shop to get my haircut less than a week ago.  While it’s mainly a men’s barber, two of the three barbers were woman.  There was an old woman sitting down and no one else. Normally when women are at this type of barber, they’re waiting for some guy, but figured when they were done with one of the other clients I’d check with her first anyway in case she was a client. But they more people came in and one of the women barbers indicated that I was next in line. I figured the matter had already been settled before I came in and decided not to check after all.  But then after the woman doing my hair had finished with me and I think one or two other people had been taken in the meantime, it turned out that the old woman was in fact there for a haircut after all. No one had clued in or checked even though two of the barbers themselves were women.  It was an interesting look at how men and woman alike make gender assumptions.

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