Monday, May 28, 2012

Joker: Superhero Comic or Not

Back in the 1970s, probably in Regina but maybe in Lethbridge I was at someone’s place and they offered to let me look at comics. I asked if there were any superhero comics and they said no.  I looked through them and… well, sin the most literal sense they were right. However, there was a super-villain comic, The Joker who actually had his own series in the 1970s.  And he was fighting a hero in that issue (the Creeper).  So I ended up reading that one. I did find it odd though that the owner didn’t consider the Joker to be a superhero title, apparently because it focused on the villain.  As for the series, it’s not spectacular, and it’s odd that a series came out with a non-lethal Joker at a time when the Joker started to become more lethal in Batman-featured titles. Still, it’s a fun little series that might have lasted a few more years had it not gotten caught in the so-called DC Implosion.

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