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Pacific Northwest Trip July 2009 Day 5 Saturday July 25

This is the fifth of a series of posts dealing my fifth trip to Seattle and second of two trips that year. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of three years later or to add further clarification. 

Feeling a little better though still far from 100%.  Was able to down some cherries and bananas chunks.  Today is going to be a pretty quiet day.

A woman mentioned she needed to get to the airport in an hour this morning.  Hopefully that factors in check-in time.  Even at that and even with a cab, on a Saturday on the day of a major parade getting from Ballard to Seatac on time's going to be tricky.

[NOW: The parade in question being the Torchlight Parade discussed below].

KIRO will be covering the event tonight if you want to see roughly where I am tonight.

[NOW: The above was written in the morning; the rest I wrote early the next morning.]
Computer was in use last night and found out I couldn't type an e-mail from my laptop because you can't scroll the screen if there's too many names in the Bcc field.  From some reason I was able to do it once from home but not here.  So catching up this morning.

Yesterday I took a bus to close to Seattle Center, where I saw the same dog though not at the fountain.  From Seattle Center walked along the parade route downtown and back taking pics of the early parade set-up.   On the downtown direction saw some of the floats getting a police escort.

[NOW: The bus was a Metro Transit one.]

I visited Olympic Sculpture Park (in the statue of the naked man and boy facing each other a fountain spray obscured the boy.  I walked back to Kerry Park Viewpoint hoping to see some of the parade set-up there but could only see park of the Seafair flag pole on top of the Space Needle.  

[NOW:  The sculpture described above is called Father and Son.]

Back near Seattle Center I took pics of parked floats on the Mercer side, got some more memory cards at OfficeMax, then walked partly along the parade route once more to Pike Place Market.  There, at Golden Age Collectibles I found the two comics needed to complete my Y the Last Man comic collection but decided against them because they wanted $6 each.  Also at the Market got a DVD at Holy Cow Records.  I visited Swerve and then walked down to the Pioneer Square District, where I visited Pioneer Video and Elliott Bay Book Company before taking the King County Water Taxi to West Seattle.

[NOW: That OfficeMax is now closed, as is Swerve.  Pioneer Video moved to First Hill and is now Third Man Video. The water taxi (Metro Transit) has been replaced with a newer model at a different downtown dock. I haven’t been on the new one.]

I walked to Alki Beach where aside from the Statue of Liberty and Birthplace of Seattle statues I saw an art fair and ate "lunch' of water and crackers.  I was going to visit SW California Ave but there was some confusion there (apparently a bus that ran on Sat in May doesn't in July).  So a little while after getting a pop from a local grocery store took an express bus back to the Pioneer Square District.
[NOW: I no longer think the bus was express per se. It was a Metro Transit bus.]

I visited Smith Tower where I took pics from above of the parade set-up (unfortunately could only see a little from Smith Tower; I'd have been able to see more at Columbia Center but it's closed on weekends).  I also took pics of a car accident, which I also sneaked in a few pics of after returning to ground level.

I made it back to the parade route for more pics, stopping at FYE at Westlake Center and getting a set with the first few Dr Who eps.  I went upstairs to snap shots of the parade route from top level but couldn't see as much as I'd hoped once again. I briefly deviated from the route again to visit Zanadu Comics, then walked along the parade route (getting a hot dog along the way, a strong sign that I was beginning to feel a lot better).

[NOW:   That FYE is now closed.]

I made it back to the International Fountain at Seattle and had more crackers and water. I walked to Silver Platters, snapping more float pics, and got a couple more DVDs there.  I took more float pics on the way back downtown (they were starting to move into position.

The joggers before the parade proper started sooner than expected so snapped shots of them as I walked downtown.

The place I picked to watch the parade kept getting shifted because it was designated a fire lane this time (wasn't in previous years I don't think). A fireman dressed as a pirate was talking on a cell phone discussing the logistics.  Between the fire lane bit and it starting to rain I finally took shelter nearby, which actually worked well from a photo perspective: no chance of rain, a few steps up so I could still see most of the parade except sometimes at foot level, and most importantly the shelter was well lit so I was still able to get decent shots as it got darker.

There was some overlap with Greenwood Parade (e.g. motorcycle cops, clowns, pirates) but also a number of differences such as the usual elaborate Sikh and New Westminster floats.  Unfortunately for the first year since I've been watching this no Vernon representation.

I took a bus back to Ballard and walked back to the hostel, taking pics of the Seafoodfest stands Sat-Sun along the way.  They were closed but still largely set up.  I finally made it back around 11:25.

[NOW: The bus to Ballard was also Metro Transit.]

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