Saturday, May 12, 2012

De-feet-ed by Sooke Potholes

For the uninitiated the Sooke Potholes are a series of interconnected bodies of water including miniature waterfalls, with lots of rocks by the streams.  I visited there yesterday.

Since I knew I was going to be doing a lot of rock climbing, I wore runners that were already torn so as not to damage a pair that was in decent shape. Well, near the north end of the Potholes, my right runner fell apart almost entirely, the sole hanging a little on the left.

I tried to keep wearing them, securing the shoe with its Velcro strap as well as I could manage, but the sole kept pivoting. I tried using plant material to secure the shoe but it was too brittle. I finally walked around a while in bare feet, cutting my right foot a bit in the process.

I started towards the main road in socks and eventually tried putting on the shoes again. Even on road the right shoe kept pivoting so I decided to run with the right shoe off, no easy task in the rockier areas. I saw a woman who worked for Capital Regional District and asked her if she had any tape for my shoe; she didn’t.

No success wearing the runner on the main road, which was pretty rocky on the north end. It became clear though that if I was to make it to the bus stop, I still had to run with the shoe off, a task that did become easier once I hit paved road.  I held my wrecked shoe while running, partly in the hopes of getting a ride, partly so people would know I wasn’t crazy for running with one of my shoes off.

I kept running down Sooke River Road. About half way between the Potholes and the road that the bus takes, Sooke Road, I actually got a ride into town from a very nice lady.  Once I got home I was able to walk with the damaged shoe on after a fashion to my suite. So ended the final use of that particular pair of shoes.  My foot is still sore but no longer feels warm from the cut.

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