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Pacific Northwest Trip May 2009 Day 7 Saturday May 16

This is the seventh of a series of posts dealing my fourth trip to Seattle and first of two trips that year. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of five years later or to add further clarification; I use “NOW” to denote such cases.

I had to get help last night because my electric razor cord wouldn't unplug.  I asked for some better Band-Aids while at it as the ones I bought seem to be no-stick, which kind of defeats the purpose.
It sounded like there was some sort of festivities last night, though I was too sleepy to get up and investigate.  I do know that the entrance to Pike Place Market was blocked off last night though (there were also things happening at Seattle Center yesterday but think that was a concert).

I grabbed my backup copy of my itinerary/location list as my old one's disintegrating.  I noticed I can't count: counting the day I return, my trip's 13 days, not 12.  Counting the hours of sleep I'm probably now at the half way mark but wasn't last night.

[NOW: The above was written in the morning; the rest I wrote in the evening.]

Okay, well, this wasn't one of the better days.

Oh, it started out okay.  Killing time because the Museum of Flight opened at 10, I visited Occidental Park (no greenery) and Waterfall Park (not yet turned on), and Hing Pay Park, then tried to visit Amazon HQ.  That proved harder than I thought because a road was actually a bridge accessed from another location.  I finally made it, then returned to Waterfall Park (now turned on), then visited the Museum of Flight. 

There was a new overpass for crossing the street to it and I spent about an hour and a half there.   The bus to my next stop was late, so to kill time I tried removing the wristband from the museum.  Unfortunately this caused my camera to fly out of my hand and break the zoom, rendering it inoperative.

I visited another location in the south and unsuccessfully tried to find a camera place.  I visited a pawn shop (gone) got turned around and crossed a bridge I didn't need to, then crossed back (in my emotional state I reacted to some homeless people who were rude to me), then visited Fantagraphics Comics, while trying unsuccessfully to find a camera place.  My next stop was California Ave, near Alki Beach in West Seattle so after a hike where I ignored the same idiots (this time I did need to cross the bridge), I caught a bus part way.   Unfortunately the bus driver had never heard of the road I was supposed to get out at.  Also, when I got off I accidentally left my Saturday daypass on the bus.

[NOW: Metro Transit no longer offers daypasses. I should clarify that the Fantagraphics above is the comic shop and not where Fantagraphics actually publishes their own comics.]

I finally reached my bus stop area and got a new pass, but went the wrong direction and wound up downtown.  Incredibly crowded.  After a few false starts I found a place that had the same model camera and bought a new one.  I ate lunch around 3 at the McDonald's at the main ferry terminal where the counter guy was a bit confused about my order, then took a water taxi to West Seattle
I finally made it to Alki beach a lot later than planned.  I visited the Statue of Liberty (yes, the Statue of Liberty; newly remade; much smaller than the NY one) and the Birthplace of Seattle monument.  Without all the craziness I would have spent a lot more time there, but I got wanderlust and took the 37 to California Ave.  In that area, I checked out Easy Street Records (not to be confused with the Queen Anne branch, bought a DVD), Square One Books, another pop machine with a mystery button at Safeway (this time I got cola, thankfully not cherry), Pegasus Books, Leisure Books, and Arcane Comics, the returned to Alki for a bit.  I missed West Seattle Books and skipped Blockbuster, but otherwise actually managed to get to all the places I planned to, though again it cost me a lot of time at Alki, not to mention a lot of money (though my camera was already showing signs of wear even more the trip and may have broken down soon enough anyway).

[NOW: Square One Books and West Seattle’s Arcane Comics and Blockbuster are now defunct. That Safeway no longer has the pop machine described above.]

I went to the International Fountain and relaxed there a little bit, then bought a 40 oz. bottle of beer, retuned downtown, and got a meatball sub at Subway for dinner; this Subway is right across the street from the hostel.

[NOW:  That branch of Subway is now defunct.]

As I type this my laundry is in the dryer so I'll have mostly clean clothes.  I've a bit light headed from drinking all that beer but I don't think it's affecting this report, but you can report back if you've noticed anything off.  Someone behind me just shook the candy machine until they got what they paid for. 

I think I'm going to change my itinerary tomorrow as I've decided I'm not really interested in what I've scheduled for the second half of the day tomorrow, and I think after today I decided a more relaxing schedule tomorrow.

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