Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Impossible 5 Chapter 10

[Sorry about the delay writing the latest chapter. Real life interference.]

Wallbreaker looked grimly at the Previews blurb indicating that someone was going to die.  “Damn,” he said.  This is really bad.

The dealer at Legends, noticing what they were discussing said, “I wouldn’t worry about it. People come back all the time.”

“Yes,” Wallbreaker said sadly. “Indeed they do. I’m glad you noticed.”

As they left the shop, Token Woman said, “We can’t just be fictional characters. Otherwise we couldn’t be here. Maybe we can still find a way to cheat destiny.”

The other heroes joined them. Wallbreaker and Token Woman filled them in. 

O’Canada said, “I’d hoped to keep our presence on this world a secret, But if the Irredeemable Five are on this world, we’re going to need to be in full battle guard. At least we have Helltrotter and Token Woman. Unless the Irredeemable Five have help, we might have the strength in numbers.”

“Speaking of which,” said the Glowing Man, “we’d best get the horse.”

They travelled to Beacon Hill Park, grabbed Helltrotter, and then went into the washrooms there near the large pond with the ducks to change.

In costume people looked at them funny but didn’t seem too concerned. O’Canada got on Helltrotter and took the lead. The other heroes grimly followed him as the returned to the downtown core and got directions to Chinatown from puzzled bystanders.

Chinatown proved to just be a few blocks from the comic shops.  They arrived there to find their evil counterparts coming from the other direction, knocking people aside, heading to the same rod at the arches that the heroes were.

The counterparts to O’Canada, Glowing Man, Rita Con, Crack Heroine, and Wallbreaker were No-Canada, Meltdown Man, Rita Convict, Crackhead, and Neckbreaker, respectively, though the two teams had no respect for one another.

“So you are here,” said O’Canada, getting off the horse.

“Yes,” said No-Canada. “The Plotmaster banished us from our world, but we’ve learned that that rod will get us back. I don’t know how you got here but…”

“I’m afraid we can’t let you take it,” said O’Canada.  O’Canada may not agree with Wallbraker or Token Woman about the conventions of heroism, but he was smart enough not to let the bad guys know he was banished too, or that this world might be more lethal.

“Or we you,” said No-Canada. “I see you brought some help.  Happily so did we. You see, the Plotmaster also banished the Mini-Men, who’ve been stabbed yiou as we’ve been speaking.

The heroes looked down to see miniature men stabbing them. Not successfully in the case of Wallbreaker due to his touch skin or the Glowing Man, whose skin was melting the needles, but rest of the heroes cried out in pain.

Rita Con started lashing out at the villains with a mind blast, but Rita Convict was blocking her efforts.  Wallbreaker ran forward to stop her, but Neckbreaker ran interference. As they duked it out, Wallbreaker noticed Token Woman try to use her token to heal everyone, not an easy task with the Mini-Men still stabbing people with needles.  Token Woman started hovering in the hair, though it was difficult in her weakened state.  Crack Heroine regained a little of her energy by taking her drug, though her counterpart  started beating her badly.  Glowing Man and Meltdown Man started heating up the area firing rays at each other.

O’Canada and No-Canada started doing acrobatic maneuvers, both trying simultaneously to get the rod while stopping their opponent from doing the same, O’Canada felt himself weakening. At least the acrobatics were stopping the Mini-Men from hurting him further.  Helltrotter was trying to kick them away with his hooves, but his wobbling showed that he too was weakening.

Token Woman was sweating and was probably about to black out before the healing could finish, and she was too far from the rod.  Instead she let herself crash into Rita Convict, knocking her over.

Crackhead was badly beating Crack Heroine, whose face was bloodied.  “And now for the last blow, @#$%!” she said.  But before she could deliver it, Rita Convict fell and Rita Con’s desperate final act of consciousness mental blast hit Crackhead instead, causing her to fall to the ground and hit her head. 

“No!” shouted Rita Con.

No-Canada laughed. “Foolish woman, you care about a fallen enemy?”

O’Canada took the distraction and grabbed the rod.  “Looks like you’re coming to our world, where our prison will give your friend the best of care.”

Wallbreaker, still in good health, punched Neckbreaker out, while the Glowing Man shifted one of his blasts to the ground, knocking Meltdown Man over.”

Crack Heroine checked Crackhead’s body.  “No pulse.  Looks like we got lucky.  The prophesy was right but it was one of theirs whose ticket got punched. “ She shook her head sadly. “Crackhead was always showing me a side of myself I didn’t care for,” but I never wanted her to die like this.”  She collapsed, and then Helltrotter fell next, followed by Rita Con and O’Canada.

Wallbreaker shook Token Woman awake. “I know you’re not feeling well,, your yiour friends need your token.”

She nodded and concentrated. A glowing light healed everyone, plus erased the photos from onlookers’ cameras. Then a mystical voice said, “You have done well. Time to go home.” Then here and villain alike vanished

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