Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Taxing Bank Experience

I went to my bank last Thursday because I never got an income tax slip, and I’d rather not have to risk going through the hassle of an audit (my stuff tends to get a bit scattered despite my best efforts).  Apparently not only doesn't the bank’s computer system not automatically generate slips if interest is less than $50, it can't do so manually.  Also, while the bank can print out my interest for the time range, it can only do so by printing a separate page for each month. This nationwide bank didn't have the technology to print a year summary of the interest one sheet.  So what I ended up doing was printing a copy of a spreadsheet I’d made up earlier with the interest and had them check my figures and stamp the sheet with a note that the figures were verified.  The people there were as friendly and cooperative as the technology allowed, and they did go through what wasn’t a fast process.  So I really do appreciate their effort.  I just think the technology should have allowed for a much simpler approach.

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