Saturday, March 24, 2012

Buying New Comics in Kitimat During the 1980s

Buying new comics in Kitimat and trying to keep up with certain series in the 1980s was tricky, but not impossible.

The main sources of two comics were Disco Drugs (Disco apparently being short for "discount" not "discotheque" unfortunately) and Northern Drugs, both defunct, both downtown a block or two from each other. Each Wednesday after school I would head down (after heading home first usually as I recall) and alternate visiting the two stores, starting with Disco, as they put comics out. I fear I probably helped cause a few grey hairs among the staff putting the magazines out because I'd keep checking until the comics were out for the day.  I know I would check the second store after the first got them out if the first had all I was looking for, but I can't recall if I would doublecheck the other if I thought the first had all I wanted.  I actually ran into someone who worked at one of the drug stores today (I don't recall which one she worked for), which gave me the idea for this blog entry.

I'm sure they'd have preferred me to come back Thursday, but there were two reasons I didn't. The first was that that was during the peak of my comics addiction and I wanted them the day they came out. The second was there was a woman with a disability who was doing the same, and she'd grab  *all* the copies of a title if she thought they'd be worth something some day. So the next day they might not be there/ 

There were other backup places scattered around the city. One, a small convenience store was actually near my place (but stock was limited and got more so over time); there were also ones near the high school and near the theatre; plus a few could be found at a supermarket right beside Northern Drugs.  Some comics you could only find at certain locations. For example, at first the early issues of the Wally West era Flash series could only be found at Northern Drugs. However, the first issue of Flash Annual, with the same creative team at the time, could only be found at the convenience store near my place.

I recall once going out during a blizzard and getting a copy of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe from the store near the high school, which was closed that day. Unfortunately I think that copy was then promptly stolen (either that or I went there to get a replacement for the stolen one).
I apologize to any store workers who felt stressed by my comic hunting, but the comics were a longer more enjoyable read at the time (admittedly some of what I read has aged better than others) and honestly, I enjoyed the hunt.

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