Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Lantern Movie Mini-Review

This review of course is for the 2011 live movie, not the two animated films.

·         Some nice special effects and action sequences
·         Some of the more serious moments are effective
·         Not the gorefest that the comics have become
·         Many of the supporting Green Lanterns (e.g. Kilowog, Sinestro) true to the comics

·         Too much humour to the point where Hal Jordan becomes a bit of a buffoon at times
·         The Earth and space scenes keep trying to crowd each other out; a better move would have been to largely focus on Earth the first movie with a few space teasers, then save the main space bits for a sequel
·         Oa seems pretty barren, like they ran out of money
·         Parallax is best saved for a sequel; he’s not a good first-movie villain, especially if you really want to play him right

Overall: not a great movie, but still better than what superhero movies used to be like. An okay time passer if you set your expectations strictly to “popcorn flick”.

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