Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Three Times I Sprained My Ankle

I’ve never broken my ankle but I sprained it three times.  The first time was heading down the outside stairs (or which there are many) at what was then Malaspina College (now University of Vancouver Island) in Nanaimo.  If memory serves the food got wrapped up a fair bit but was mostly fine.

The second time was definitely the worse. At the University of Victoria I jumped down a 3-step staircase and my foot pivoted.  I had to wear a half-cast and used crutches that kept falling apart including once while crossing the street (a Good Samaritan wired the one crutch then). I sat in the area of the bus for the elderly and physically disabled but people kept bumping into my cast.

The third time was pretty minor. If memory serves I sprained it at yet another outdoor staircase across from View Towers in Victoria.  I was a little late for work (at the time I was a dishwasher for a restaurant).  Curiously one co-worker thought that a sprain wasn’t a big deal at all and though it was a given that people would do physical labour with a sprained ankle.

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