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National (DC) Voice Actors of 1940s and 1960s: Where are They Now?

LAST UPDATED September 3, 2016. Info derived from the imdb. Only roles 2014-on noted by name. All known cast members noted.

Superman (animated shorts 1941-1943)
Bud Collyer (Superman/Scientist/Gangster/Bulleteer/Mad Scientist/Japanese Hijacker/Nazi Saboteur): died in 1969.
Joan Alexander (Lois Lane/Jane Hogan/Secret Agent): died in 2009.
Jackson Beck (Narrator/Bulleteer/Indian Scientist/Perry White/Officer/Professor/Henderson/Nazi Saboteur): died in 2004.
Julian Noa (Perry White/Gangster/Bulleteer/Police Officer/Boss/Chief Thug/German Commander/Nazi Saboteur): died in 1958.
Jack Mercer (Mad Scientist/Sideshow Barker/Press Tour Guide/Office Boy/Fake Superman/Japanese Guard/Japanese Official/American Reporter//Radio Newscaster/Louis/Lt Fleming/First Pilot/Nazi Saboteur /Perry White): died in 1984.
* Sam Parker (?): no known subsequent acting roles.

The New Adventures of Superman (1966-1970)
Season 2 part of The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure; season 3 part of The Batman/Superman Hour.
Bud Collyer (Superman), Joan Alexander (Lois Lane season 1), Jackson Beck (Perry White season 1/Narrator/Lex Luthor): see 1940s shorts above.
Bob Hastings (Superboy): died in 2014.
Julie Bennett (Lois Lane season 2-3): last known acting role in 2000 video game, non-video game in 1997.
Jack Grimes (Jimmy Olsen): died in 2009.
Ted Knight (Perry White seasons 2-3): died in 1986.

The Adventures of Superboy (1966-1969)
Season 1 part of The New Adventures of Superman; season 2 part of The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure; season 3 part of The Batman/Superman Hour.
Bob Hastings (Superboy), Ted Knight (Narrator): See New Adventures of Superman above.
Janet Waldo (Lana Lang): died in 2016.

The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967-1968)

Superman and Superboy segments: see above
Aquaman segments:
Marvin Miller (Aquaman): died in 1985.
Jerry Dexter (Aqualad): died in 2013.
Ted Knight (Tusky/Black Manta): died in 1986.
Diana Maddox (Mera): last known acting role in 1969, as Writer in 1981, as Producer in 1971.
Atom segments:
Pat Harrington Jr. (Atom): died in 2016.
Flash segments:
Cliff Owens (Flash): died in 1994.
Tommy Cook (Kid Flash): last known acting role in 1983.
Green Lantern segments:
Gerard Mohr (Green Lantern): died in 1968.
Paul Frees (Evil Star): died in 1986.
Hawkman segments:
Vic Perrin (Hawkman): died in 1989.
Justice League of America segments:
Atom, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Aquaman, Superman: see above.
Teen Titans segments:
Kid Flash, Aqualad: see above.
Pat Harrington Jr. (Speedy): as Atom above.
Julie Bennett (Wonder Girl): see New Adventures of Superman above.

The Adventures of Batman (1969-1970)
Episodes originally aired as part of The Batman/Superman Hour.
Olan Soule (Batman, Alfred Pennyworth): died in 1994.
Casey Kasem (Robin, Chief O’Hara, Gotham Mayor): died in 2014; Self: Entertainment Tonight (1 episode 2014).
Jane Webb (Batgirl/Catwoman): died in 2010.
Larry Storch (Joker): last known acting role circa 2010, as Self in 2011.
Ted Knight (Narrator, Commissioner James Gordon, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Tweedledum, Tweedledee): died in 1986.

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