Friday, March 16, 2012

10 Fun Atari 2600 Games

Part ten of my story will come soon. It’s been delayed due to housecleaning efforts (there’s an inspection Monday)

Ten classic games for people who have the old 1980s consoles or emulators thereof. Includes games made by other companies for the Atari 2600.  While the graphics were limited, the games were often pretty inventive.

1.      Adventures of Tron (Mattel): The hero uses an arrow to go up and down rows to collect items while avoiding patrolling enemies
2.      Crackpots (Activision): You try to drop flower pots on bugs invading the building
3.      Demon Attack (Imagic): Space Invaders-esque game: You shoot at enemies from above. Only a few appear at a time, but they swoop, and you can shoot their wings without destroying them
4.      Keystone Kapers (Activision): A cop pursues a crook through a multi-row department store
5.      River Raid (Activision): A fighter plane flying over a river must shoot as many targets as possible
6.      Spider-Man (Parker Brothers): The superhero must climb a building and use webs that shoot from his head  to swing as he defuses bombs and captures bad guys en route to the Green Goblin
7.      Stampede (Activision): As a cowboy you try to lasso as many cattle as possible without letting too many go by.
8.      Super Breakout (Atari): You control a paddle that hits one or more malls upward to try tio destroy as many bricks as possible
9.      Tutankham (Parker Brothers): As a tomb raider you try to get though a multi-level maze format timb fighting exotic enemies
10.  Warlords (Atari): Four rulers, one in each corner, and each with a barrier, try to penetrate each other’s barriers and take out an opposite ruler

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