Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sibling I Didn’t Know I Had and Still Don’t

Once while heading home from Roy Wilcox Elementary School, Kitimat (probably my first year there, thus grade 2 circa 1978-1979). I got harassed by another kid who absolutely insisted I had a sibling (I can’t recall if it was a brother or a sister I was supposed to have).  He may have tried this before but if so this time he was more aggressive.  Being an only child, I denied his claim. He got angry and started fighting me, opining me down as I recall. I had to be somewhere with my parents after school, so to get rid of this idiot I finally had to “confess” to having a sibling. He then insisted that they were named such and such (I can’t recall what the name was supposed to be). I recall making one last futile gesture and claiming that it was something else. I also can’t recall his response to the other name (it was over 30 years ago).  But I do recall that, having “confessed” to having a sibling I didn’t have, the moron finally let me go free and head home.

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