Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Couple of Kitimat Bear Stories

Crap, insomnia messed with my head and caused me to miss a day. Sorry about that. Another post in a few hours.

Once in Kitimat I was skipping along a river stream amusing myself.  I turned around and saw a bear watching me. Interestingly, since I thought I was alone as I was skipping along, I was actually probably more embarrassed by the bear watching me acting silly than I was scared by it. Probably because it didn’t act threatening, but rather just seemed int4erested in what I was doing.

A more scary moment happened months or years later. I was at the city dump when I really that I had inadvertently wound up in touching range of a bear.  Luckily my mom and probably some teachers had lectured me on what to do in such an instance and so I turned around and walked firmly away. The bear was eating at the time and so I don’t know if it had even noticed me. If so it apparently didn’t care.

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