Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rescuing a Salamander from a Bus

Once walking along Tweedsmuir St in Kitimat I saw a salamander crossing the street while I was heading. At that point I let it be but something kept nagging at me. Not long after I was on another walk with my mom and I decided to keep an eye out for the salamander. I saw the salamander, now almost finished crossing the street, but a bus was coming and was about to run over it. Much to my mom’s initial confusion (she didn’t see the lizard and thus tried to get me to stop), I stepped in front of the bus, grabbed the salamander, and carried it to a nearby grassy area. My mom and the driver of the bus understood once they saw the critter. I think I would have felt especially bad had I not taken the risk because I could have helped it earlier.

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