Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Eve in 2006 a Vehicle Hit Me

Posting a few hours early because after a bit more sleep, have a long day ahead of me. Here’s what I sent people the day after I got hit by a car in 2006, slightly cleaned up: I’ve kept the truncated writing style though to give a sense of the shock I was in at the time.

· Just finished shopping after work at the Real Canadian Wholesale Club in Esquimalt

· Heading home, was running uphill at Wilson St. crossing a street [NOW: probably Mart St]; no crosswalk there, but there ought to be at all intersections as Wilson/Old Esquimalt is the second main west-east road in the Esquimalt area)

· The Bronco II whipped around the corner without stopping

· No life history flashing before my eyes, but I had this sense of every near miss my car I'd ever had, and tried to will this to be another one while running away from the Bronco

· The Bronco tried to brake but hit me; judging from the soreness, probably right shoulder

· I apparently hit the ground on my left elbow and thigh (as you can tell I'm a bit vague on the details at this point; memorizing facts was less of a priority than staying alive at this point)

· Probably because one of the few things I was good at in karate back in the 80s was falling correctly, the damage was limited to lacerations at the elbow and thigh, shock, and mild dehydration

· Also the box of 30 pizza patties got pretty torn, but the pizza itself was fine.

· Driver asked me if I was okay. I think I mostly got up under own power but he may have helped me a little; claimed sun was in my eyes and he didn't see me; perhaps another reason to stop before turning the corner

· He asked me to sit down as he got help; took me a bit to do so because I had a lot of adrenalin and wanted to stand

· A nurse living across the street and made me stay (there were no 3rd party witnesses per se but people heard the impact)

· Someone got a chair and blanket while I recovered from the shock

· Ambulance took me to Royal Jubilee Hospital; they also taped up the pizza box and upon arrival had it placed in a fridge

· They had me wear an uncomfortable neck brace until checked out

· As usual things moved pretty slowly at the Royal Jubilee. Even by hospital standards things tend to move quite slowly there so finally actually tried to read while lying down with the neck brace

· No x-rays because I had been checked a number of times without loss of movement or too much pain

· Doctor was actually surprised that anyone could be hit by a Bronco and come out as unhurt as I was

· Got patched up and was given ibuprofen

· Upon being released recovered pizza box, found some change in packsack, took bus home

· Still sore and traumatized ]NOW: Remember this is 2006; still can’t stand too long but recovered from the worse], but no significant damage, no plans to exaggerate the physical/emotional damage to soak the idiot driver; it was scary but all told I came out of it mostly okay

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