Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Muddy Comics Find

Once I was walking along with mom in the Kildala area of Kitimat, in one of the rural areas, when I discovered a huge stash of comics dumped in a muddy area. I decided to grab all of them and sort out which were still readable afterwards.  As it turns out, once the mud dried, they were all quite readable. They would never be in mint condition, but for reading purposes they were fine.  So I got treated to a great many 1970s Marvel comics I hadn’t red before. I recall there being quite a few Invaders in the bunch. I’m sure hardcore collectors would thumb their nose at reading comics where you had to  keep brushing dried mud off them, but if you truly enjoy reading comics as its own reward, it was a truly a discovered treasure.


Eric said...

I don't buy comics to keep them in mint. I buy ones I want to read - and read them! That's what they're for, IMO.

Andy E. Nystrom said...

Yeah, that's how I feel. And after the mud dried, even the ones I thought would be unsalvagable got rescued enough for that purpose.

That's why I can't really get into the whole slabbing comics. Sure it preserves the comics but in doing so prevents them from being read which is really the thing that separates them from other collectibles.