Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Sunday Police Excitement

Last Sunday there was gunfire in my apartment building, but I didn’t hear it. In my defence it was roughly ten storeys above me. Also, my computer had erased some work I had done and I was probably finishing catching up when the shots occurred, thus hyper-focussed on the computer work (either that or I was falling asleep by then; see below).

I wanted to get a good night’s sleep that night so, still unaware of the gunfire, drank a can of Black beer, which is 8% alcohol. It did its trick and I started to fall asleep. I was almost asleep but not quite there, when the police knocked on my door and told me to come out into the hallway.  They noticed I seemed anxious so I clarified I have Asperger’s Syndrome. In my dazed stawte I noticed there were quite a few police officers, four or five humans plus a canine. One asked me some routine questions like my name while another inspected my building. They seemed surprised I hadn’t heard the shots; at the time I didn’t have a timeframe so I attributed that to my sleepiness, plus clarified that being woken up was another reason for my nervousness. 

After I passed the inspection/interview process, they explained they had reports of gunfire in the building and advised me to lock my door.  I heard them starting the same process with another neighbour. I’ve since learned that shell casings were found roughly ten storeys above me, but neither a suspect nor a victim has been found. I slept pretty lightly that night and was pretty jittery the next day, though I’m fine now.

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