Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scandal at the Presbyterian Church in Kitimat

During my Kitimat days my mom for a time went to the Presbyterian Church and would occasionally bring me along. I liked a bit of the Sunday School aspect but found the sermons quite boring.

The church was pretty aggressive for money, beyond other churches I’ve been to.  Members were even given a list of income ranges and how much should be donated at any given income level.  Once the reverend (whom I won’t name) made a particular strong push for money; I believe my mom finally left the church over this. Not long after the church had gotten the extra money the reverend took his family on a vacati0n to Hawaii.  The church did get wind of this and while he wasn’t dismissed he would relocated to a different municipality.This was the 1980s so it's likely an entirely different regime there now.

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