Saturday, September 1, 2012

Video Rental Places North and East of Seattle That Are or May Be Still in Business

Covers King and Snohomish counties.  Updates (and oversights) welcome as this likely will change pretty rapidly. For places that I’ve visited in the last few years, I’ve included Last Verified notes. These are a bit harder for me to confirm than Seattle proper, so beware any that lack Last Verified comments.

  1. Southgate Video, 3900 Factoria Blvd (Bellevue) [my notes indicate doubt that this still exists but it’s possible]
  2. Blockbuster, L-8933 Market Pl (Lake Stevens) [no longer on Blockbuster website Feb 2014]
  3. Crazy Mike’s Video, 7725 Evergreen Way (Everett) [I didn’t spot it when I passed the area July 2012, but I was on an express bus at the time.]
  4. Silver Lake Video, 22-11014 19th Ave  SE (Everett) [Facebook page active as of Nov 2014]
  5. Video Factory, 19829 SR 2 (Monroe) [reported closed as of Feb 2014]
  6. Future Video, 18421 Highway 99 (Lynnwood) [I’ve never noticed this when passing by on an express bus but can’t say for certain it’s gone.]
  7. Blockbuster Video, 1-22804 100th Ave W (Edmonds) [no longer on Blockbuster website Feb 2014]
  8. Blockbuster Video, 106-21005 44 Ave W (Mountlake Terrace) no longer on Blockbuster website Dec 2013
  9. Video Adventure, F-21919 66 Ave W (Mountlake Terrace)
  10. Sneak Preview Video, 13317 NE 175th St (Woodinville)
  11. DVD Now, 101-14030 Main St NE (Duvall) [closed sometime prior to Nov 2014; photo of closing sale found]
  12. Video Nites, 33511 SE Redmond-Fall City Rd (Fall City) [ reports this closed; checked Dec 2013]

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