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Pacific Northwest Trip Summer 2011 Day 1 Monday July 25

This is the first of a series of posts dealing my eighth trip to Seattle as an adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  

[Preamble of no importance to the general public deleted.]

Trip nearly ended before it began.  Couldn't find my bad with ID, credit card and money at first.  Finally figured out where it was.  On my way out the door my outside door opener fell off my keychain; luckily I noticed it fall.  A guy held the elevator for me and started asking a lot of questions. I was in a rush so I answered politely but didn't say a lot.

Getting through Customs went okay; the new id seems to get me through faster than the water damaged passport.  Ferry was a bit late arriving in Port Angeles.  Made it to the transit bus seconds before it left.  There would still have been two other connecting busses in a pinch though.

[NOW: I took the Coho ferry/Black Ball Transport over. Due to complaints about my water damaged passport, I was using an Enhanced Identification Card to cross the border. The bus to Sequim was the 30 Commuter/Clallum Transit.]

Got off bus in Sequim and had lunch at McDonald's, visited Rite Aid and Walgreen's, changed from pants to trunks in the Sequim Public Washrooms, then took a bus to Port Townsend. I saw a deer as the bus was leaving Sequim.

[NOW: The bus to Port Townsend was the 8/Jefferson Transit. I got off at Haines Park & Ride.]

At the Park & Ride transferred to another bus and got off downtown Port Townsend, a few stops ahead of time to get some photos.  Used my ORCA card to pay for the ferry fair and took it to Keystone on Whidbey Island; grabbed lunch on the ferry and saw porpoises (or at least one's fin).  Zipper broke on large bag at the bus stop but luckily there's a 2nd zipper. Took an Island Transit bus to Coupeville (had trouble exiting the bus because my bag got caught).  Bus from Coupeville to Clinton ferry Terminal (bus was 10 min late most of the way but still managed to get the ferry).  Took the ferry to Mukilteo, then a bus from there to Lynnwood Transit Center. Put my slacks on over the trunks due to rain and caught a bus to downtown Seattle.  The fountain near Westlake Center was working this year (it wasn't last year).

[NOW:  The bus downtown was the 11/Jefferson Transit. The ferries to Keystone Ferry Terminal and to Mukilteo were Washington Ferries ferries. The first Island Transit bus was number 6, the second number 1. The bus to Lynnwood Transit Center was 113/Community Transit. The bus downtown was 511/Siound Transit.]

Bag is very tall so decided to wheel the bag and walk to the hostel instead of taking another bus.  Got a great bed at the hostel; it's the only bed in the room that has access to a power outlet.  Started charging three batteries (have a power bar) and then walked to the International Fountain in Seattle Center (which has new signage).  For those who are new to these reports, this fountain is particularly large, with a drainage system on the bottom so kids etc can play in the fountain.  Water streams/bursts can be quite tall at time. It was on but while not pouring was ironically too rainy for people to get wet in the fountain.

Walked to the nearby Silver Platters and bought a bunch of oddball movies, including a TV series release put out by Troma.  Walked back to Seattle Center and grabbed a meal at Orange Julius that I ate at the fountain.  Leaving Seattle Center, I noticed that the amusement park section was gone, leaving only a surprisingly small empty space. Walked downtown (en route took a pic of a new art piece, a giant red statue of a popsicle (the two-stick variety) and bought a DVD at Borders, which, like all remaining branches is going out of business.  Then I walked to Pike Place Market, where I took pics of Rachel the Pig(gy bank), saw a bit of the fishmongers closing down for the day, visited Holy Cow Records (bought a DVD), and visited Golden Age Collectibles (sneaked a pic of the sign that says to leave bags at the counter but that there's not responsible for stolen bags. I visited Left Bank Books (a book store that...the Bush clan would never visit), then left Pike Place Market, visiting Swerve (a record/movie store) and dropping stuff off at the hostel (one of the owners remembered me). 

[NOW: Orange Julius at Center House, now Seattle Center Armory has since been evicted. Swerve is now gone.]

I went back to the International Fountain. A couple brought their golden retriever and pug. The former was carrying their own leash in their mouth without help from owners (doggy Stockholm Syndrome?).  I walked to a supermarket (bought some of what passes for beer in the US) then bought more DVDs at Easy Street Records.  I headed back via the main Queen Anne shopping area.  As I already knew, Underdawg Records and Queen Anne's Blockbuster were gone, but that area also lost its Uptown Cinema. Doesn't bode well for that shopping area.  Some guy tried to act weird to the camera but I just avoided him.
[NOW: A new cinema has opened up at the old one’s location.]

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