Monday, September 10, 2012

You're Choking, I'm Chatting

There was one time at Mt. Elizabeth Secondary School in Kitimat I was sitting down in the hallway eating my lunch.  Nearby was one of the teachers doing a lunchtime patrolling of the halls.  Abruptly something I'm eating got lodged in my throat and I started to choke, and was having trouble breathing. I tried to signal to the teacher but he was having a chat with another student.  For the next little bit (it felt like over a minute but that may have been the panic) I continued to try to signal the teacher while also trying to deal with the food stuck in the throat.  Finally the food got dislodged and fully swallowed and I began to breathe normally again. It was only then, after I had just finished recovering from choking that the teacher approached me to ask if I was okay. Uh...

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