Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Protagonists and Their Arch-Nemeses

  1. Batman [Detective Comics #27) vs. Joker [Batman #1] (comics): the former wants to impose order to make the world safe; the latter wants to impose chaos to make everyone afraid
  2. Encyclopedia Brown [Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective] vs. Bugs Meany [same] (short stories): the former, a young amateur detective, the latter a similary aged bully
  3. Dorothy Gale [The Wonderful Wizard of Oz] vs. the Nome King [Ozma of Oz] (novels): the former an unassuming young girl who likes to go on adventures; the latter likes to stay at home and turn everyone into trinkets 
  4. The Hulk [Incredible Hulk #1] vs. The Leader [Tales to Astronish#62] (comics): two men altered by gammara rays: the former a scientist turned into a creature of brawn, the latter a janitaor turned into a man of huge intellect?
  5. Vic Mackey [The Shield season 1 episode] vs. Kavanagh [The Shield season 5 episode 1] (tv): the former a corrupt cop who sometimes does the right thing, the latter a good cop whose pursuit of Vic sometimes cause him to do the wrong thing
  6. Mister Fantastic (Fantastic Four#1) vs. Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #4) (comics): both brilliant scientists, the former for the betterment of humanity, the latter for personal conquest
  7. Number 6 [The Pirisoner: Arrival] vs. Number 2 [The Prisoner: The Chimes of Big Ben] (tv): the forrmer an ex-spy with a strong will who tries not to conform by revealing why he resigned; the latter (one of a number of people going by the name Number 2) willing to go to extreme methods to break Number 6's will to find out why he resigned 
  8. Maxwell Smart [Get Smart episode 1] vs. Siegfried [Get Smart episde 33] (tv): two enemy secret agents (both somewhat bumbliong, somewhat competent) who try to kill eachother but who have a certain affection for one another
  9. Adam Warlock [Fantastic Four #6 as Him, Marvel Premiere #1 as Warlock] vs. the Magus [Strange Tales #178] (comics): The former an advocate of exercising free will and individual thought, the latter his own future self imposing order
  10. Remo Williams [Created, the Destroyer] vs. Nuihc [Union Bust] (novels): Two would-be heirs to the title of Master of Sinanju; the former likes to tease about Sinanju but secretly respects the customs, the other makes use of Sinanju culture even as he disgraces it

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