Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How I Beat a Telephone Solicitor

I was looking at photos I took in Quebec and was at a complicated stage of that. The phone range, thus throwing my concentration off, which would have be okay had it been a friend. However, it was a solicitor, so I decided to get a small bit of payback for disrupting my concentration. Here is more or less how the conversation went. I might have the odd word off but the woman’s second bit below is verbatim:

Phone rings
ME: Hello?
UNKNOWN WOMAN: Good evening sir (can't recall the next bit, then:) How are you this evening?
ME: Not very good. I'm always being hassled by all these telephone solicitors. It's very annoying. [Pause, switching to a much sterner voice] Are you one of them?
ME: Please put me on your do not call list.
I hang up

Well, she did ask me how I was doing. It would have been rude not to tell her.  What I’m hoping is that I threw her off long enough that I managed to spare someone else from getting a call who might otherwise have.

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