Monday, October 1, 2012

Travel Dreams

While I was waking up this morning I had a strange memory: in the past, while visiting Port Angeles, once or twice I had travelled on a side trip down south to another city (still in Washington I think) while on a bus and only had a short time to stay before catching the same bus back the other way.  I couldn't recall at first whether I was recalling a dream or an actual incident.  as I woke up more and more it became clear that what I was recalling couldn't be real and what I was recalling was actually something I had previously dreamt once or twice.

This reminded me of times while visiting Kitimat where I did a sidetrip (from Terrace I think) using another bus service that was hard to get to and thus not something I did too often. The place I got off was at the top of a mountain.I didn't go there for the scenery (I think there was a structuure or were structures there) but I can no longer recall the purpose, just that I visited there more than once. By way of recurring dreams.

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