Sunday, September 16, 2012

My September 12, 2012 Saltspring Island Trip

  • Arrived at the bus stop downtown; realized too late that I forgot to pack a spare memory card and would have to be frugal
  • At Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, two self-serve booths wouldn't accept my debit card so I had to pay by cash at a a teller, as debit wasn't accepted there
  • Took the ferry across to Fulford and then a bus to Ganges
  • Shopped around a little including Island Star Video
  • Went to a pizza place for lunch; the line was moving fast but they the cashier took the people right in front of me somewhere and disappeared; another cashier showed up maybe ten minutes later
  • Bought a 10" pizza there; cheap and not bad, but it was pizza that had been on the heat rack the whole time
  • Shopped around a little more
  • Walked to a lake and swam a while
  • Started walking and running back to the ferry terminal
  • Found a garage sale en route and bought a Canadian and an American version of Monopoly
  • Camera quit on me; efforts to get it to work again have continued to be unsuccessful throughout the day; unless I get get it repaired may have to fork over $600+ to get another of similar quality (for the camera itself plus, since my camera is not longer being made, batteries for whatever the replacemant camera takes
  • Got a ride most of the rest of the way to the ferry terminal; long car line-up though so I think the people who gave me the partial lift had to wait two extra hours for a later ferry
  • Bought an over-priced but admittedly quite tasty C-Plus at a convenience store
  • Took the ferry to Swartz Bay; just before getting off I saw someone I hadn't seen in a while and wrote down my e-mail on a napkin
  • Took a bus home
So not a total loss but the camera part ruined any chance of me looking back on this day fondly.

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