Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Oral Story of Thetis Lake

Many years ago at Thetis Lake (View Royal, Greater Victoria) there were teenage girls (or possibly young women in their 20s) in the water. I was sitting at the end of the peninsula-like outcropping Blissfully unaware of how well sound travelled in the water they got into a conversation about giving their boyfriends… a certain sexual act involving blowing (to hint at the term they used) while their boyfriends were driving. Due to the water’s power to carry sound, I heard every word they said without any effort. This talk went on a little bit and then one said, “We’d better be quiet now. We’re getting close to shore.”  I am actually quite proud of the fact that I managed to keep a complete poker face and lot let on that I, and probably others in the area, had heard every word.

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