Friday, September 7, 2012

Dog: Long Time First See

One day in Kitimat I was on a walk with my mom, heading home from the Nechako area I think.  On the way home we see this huge black dog, one of the biggest I'd ever seen.  I had never seen this dog before. And yet it came up to me and gave a loud groan and rubbed against me. It was very surreal, like the dog felt it was being reunited with some dearly loved and missed friend from long ago.  It was very sweet and I was really moved by the dog, but I also felt a little awkward because of what appeared to be a mistaken identity.

If there really was a long lost friend and the dog wasn't just eccentric with every human it took a liking to, then I hope that the dog did get reunited for real with them later on.  The dog clearly had a big heart and I strongly suspect that there was some human who was deeply missed by the good-hearted dog.

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