Saturday, December 10, 2011

Toronto Trip March 2011 Day 5 March 6

All Toronto blog entries are as sent to friends, with minor modifications.

This morning I walked west along Bloor in the fresh snow and I hung out with two long-time friends I met while working at a book store.  They treated me to breakfast and then we wandered through High Park, which is like a larger version of Beacon Hill Park.  The petting zoo was open so I got some photos of llamas, sheep, etc.  Outside the zoo area there was also a black dog in the park; unfortunately it was sleeping so I couldn't see its face.

We got on the subway at Keele Station; they parted company on their stop while I switched at St George to a southbound train to Union Station.

At Union Go Station some confusion arose when I wanted a daypass that would cover both Oakville and Mississauga's Square One Mall.  The cashier said that there was no Oakville-Square One transportation on Sunday.  I wasn't sure at the time if I had plugged in the wrong date or if the bus I wanted was another system (the bus number was actually the same) or if a daypass was possible with two different GO sections so I just bought a daypass to Oakville.  I grabbed some lunch at Union's Dairy Queen and then walked outside where there was a statue of a naked guy and pigeons.  Heading back in a security saw me taking photos and asked me to delete the ones I just took.  Unfortunately there was something wrong with the delete button of my new camera but luckily because I had a train to catch so he let me go after promising to delete them later.  I took a train to Oakville, whose downtown looked really nice after the snow.

{UPDATE September 19: I didn't see the statue there during my next visit, possibly due to the construction.]

All the stores I planned to visit were gone but there was a store called Comic Connection where I bought a couple of cheap comic paperbacks.  Returning to the train station I confirmed that Port Credit was part of Mississauga and decided to visit there instead (I would have had to stop there anyway to get to Square One).  I took the train there, therefore, where I did see the bus to Square One.  But since it would have been a long trip to take a bus there and back and then go to Toronto (If I took a bus back to Toronto from Square One it would have been an added cost since it was outside the daypass zone) I decided to just explore that area.  I wandered around (both there and Oakville earlier I visited the lake briefly) and visited a book store that wanted $3 each for some really beat up comics.  I also checked out a few other stores, including a discount store that was a bit on the pricey side, very comparable to a nearby convenience store.  I bought some chips at a sore by the train station.

[UPDATE September 19: Oakville's Comic Connection has moved to a new location.]

The train was late; while waiting for it a well fed black squirrel appeared and later climbed up the GO Building.  A couple batteries weren't working so I used up the rest I had on hand and had to switch back to the backup camera for a bit as the train arrived back at Union.  I took the usual two trains back to my friend's place and we soon grabbed dinner at a Falafel place.

I took a subway to Bloor Station and then anther to Dundas where I took night shots of Dundas Square before visiting the co-called World's Biggest Bookstore again.  I walked to City Hall, where people were playing hockey on a small outside rink.  I went past an Art Design College that looks like it's on stilts.  I noticed that the CN Tower was visible in the background sometimes, but due to the other skyscrapers in the area, not consistently.  I did get a photo with two fast food joints including McDonald’s, CN Tower, and the Art Design College all in the same shot.  I took a subway to Spadina instead of St George to mix things up a bit despite a longer walk and then took another subway train to my friend's place again.

BTW in Toronto aren't divided by 100s, so 199 is often right beside 201 while 167 might be across from 169.  Also the blocks aren’t entirely parallel in their numbers compared to other streets and for that matter, odd numbered locations aren't even beholden to the even numbered even on the same street, so the 400s of Bloor might be in the 500s across the street.  Important to know if you visit.

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