Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ten Things About Living in Kitimat in the 1980s

I’ve avoided references to specific people to protect the guilty.  I’ve also tried to avoid stuff that might still be true even today.

  1. The catchy “disco means discount prices” commercials put out by Disco Drugs (Northern Drugs commercials were also pretty catchy; someone with old VHS copies needs to upload these commercials to You Tube)
  2. Channel 9 would be KIRO/CBS part of the day, KCTS/PBS most of the day
  3. The campaign to get the library moved downtown, including giving toddlers helium balloons asking for a new library
  4. The walking path to Hirsch Creek Park that eventually got reduced by more than half to make room for housing
  5. The Animal Crackers radio show
  6. The regular name changes of the grocery store on Tweedsmuir at Nalabila
  7. The hospital being the city’s largest structure, then on Lahakas just before downtown
  8. The secondhand stories that would come and  go in the Industrial area, usually the same location
  9. Grade 7 students being auctioned off for a day for a charity event (at least at Roy Wilcox Elementary School; did other schools do this too?)
  10. The charity sales (crafts and secondhand items) at Wilcox; I imagine other schools did this too but unsure

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cath said...

Ha! I found this when searching for "Disco Drugs Kitimat" because... DAMN that tune was catchy! 25 years since I've lived there, and I still get it caught in my head sometimes :)