Friday, December 16, 2011

Kitimat Basketball Fans Missed the Point

Once my mom and I went to see a Harlem Crowns game at Mt. Elizabeth Secondary School in Kitimat.  The Harlem Crowns, like the similarly named Harlem Clowns, were a Harlem Globetrotters style team.  That is, they were a mix of basketball and comedy; there was never any doubt that they would win against a standard basketball team.  I can’t recall who their opponents were. Likely they were senior students or something like that.  The acts were the same as any you saw televised with the Globetrotters et al but it was fun seeing it live.

Well, not fun for everybody.  A father and son apparently had bought tickets to see an actual basketball game, apparently not considering why a team would come all the way from Harlem to play in Kitimat and didn’t realize they were actually watching a comedy show.  So as the evening went on they got more and more upset at the Crowns for interrupting the game with their antics, especially during one particularly long interval of straight basketball comedy.  I don’t think they ever did figure out that they were watching a deliberate comedy show and not a straight basketball game that those rude Harlem Crowns kept interrupting without serious consequence.  I’m sure they ranted about this to their friends and family afterward; I wonder if anyone ever had the heart to explain it to them.

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