Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 Dead Marvel Characters I Hope Never Return

In a perfect world this would have been a Marvel and DC list, but DC recently changed their history, and I’m no longer sure who’s still dead, who’s alive because their death was negated, and who are not known to even even existed in the current Marvel continuity.  In most of the cases below, I actually like the character; I just don’t want their death cheapened by a revival.

  1. Big Man (Frederick Foswell): a mobster torn between doing good and going evil, he died finally choosing good.
  2. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell): An alien spy turned protector, he died in a wonderfully written story about a hero dying of cancer; technically brought back briefly but never intended to stay back.
  3. Changeling: A reformed villain who died faking Professor X’s death, it would be silly to revive him when the only reason he was killed in the first place was apparently to explain why another character wasn’t dead.
  4. Enforcer (Charles L. Delazny Jr.): A hitman killed by the villain killer Scourge, one of a number of villains (some still dead, some revived) who demonstrated that even a super-villain can be killed by a well placed gunshot; I could have picked a number of not yet revived victims; I opted for him because he was the first victim.
  5. Mark Hazzard: A troubled mercenary, he is one of the few Marvel heroes to die at the end of his own series.
  6. Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds): A reporter brainwashed into becoming a patsy for a goblin themed super-villain; if you read the comic where he died without knowing Leeds was a Hobgoblin, his death represents the dangers that reporters can face; if you are fully aware of his back story, he’s a tragic pawn used by villains.
  7. Crackajack Jackson: a hobo killed in a clash between the Hulk and Hammer (Jackson’s own son) & Anvil, his death in his first appearance has had a continued impact on the Hulk; it must also be said that he was a bit of a racial caricature and thus better served as someone for the Hulk to sometimes think about than as someone to keep appearing.
  8. Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond of Earth-S): A Batman like hero who opposed the heroic but misguided Squadron Supreme’s attempts to create a flawed Utopia on Earth, his death was part of an effective ending, including the reaction of the Mink, an old foe turned lover.
  9. Ben Parker: Peter Parker’s uncle, his death was the catalyst for Spider-Man to use his powers for good.
  10. Patriot (Jeffrey Mace): A World War II hero who died of natural causes, he died peacefully with the man who most inspired him, Captain America, at his bedside.
  11. Gwen Stacy: Peter Parker’s girlfriend. Off all the characters on this list, she’s the one who I most wish hadn’t died in the first place, a casualty of a clash between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin; that said, her death is a haunting reminder that innocents can die in a superhero fight, and that the hero can even play an inadvertent role.
  12. Torpedo (Brock Jones): A minor superhero and ally of the Spaceknight Rom, his death is still one of the most chilling moments in Marvel’s history.

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