Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10 Predictions for 2012

1.      In Canada, Rogers will continue with the wireless end of their business but will cease with the video rental aspect of their operations entirely
2.      At least one more video store in Victoria BC (chain or mom and pop) will announce they are closing down [I meant Greater Victoria, not just Victoria proper; Hollywood Video in Sooke closed down Feb 29]
3.      Blockbuster will announce that they will be closing down in the US                 
4.      Barnes & Noble will declare bankruptcy even if they survive into 2013
5.      The final book in the current Official Marvel Index series will be the Wolverine trade
6.      The Republicans will win the 2012 US Elections
7.      The Avengers movie will do well in the box office, but not quite meet expectations
8.      Marvel Comics will make a big announcement that will be largely perceived as a reaction to DC Comics’ success with the new 52 #1s, regardless of if that’s true or not
9.      Red Dwarf series 10 will be successful enough that Red Dwarf series 11 will be commissioned
10.   In Seattle, RapidRide routes C & D will open within two weeks either direction of when scheduled (okay, so this isn’t a big revelation, but I wanted to allow for some more optimistic news to come true)

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